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The rear spoiler is a protrusion on the top of the rear baffle or the rear end of the trunk. It is usually installed on sports cars and rarely found on ordinary cars.

There are various shapes, such as the shape with right triangle protrusions at the rear end of the fuselage, and flashy and huge shapes. There are many sizes from large to small, and some may not be the shape of the rear spoiler at first glance.

What does the rear spoiler do?

One part called the "rear wing" has a similar shape. In fact, spoilers and wings have different effects.

The wing (GT wing) connected to the modified vehicle changes the air flow generated during driving into downforce (the force that pushes the vehicle to the ground), which improves the grip of the tires and stabilizes the body. yes.

On the other hand, the spoiler is designed to correct airflow and improve fuel economy and stability at high speeds.

When driving, the air flows around the car. The unevenness and shape of the car body change the air speed flowing up, down, left and right.

The air flowing backward from the front of the vehicle body flows around the vehicle at the rear of the vehicle body, which will not produce a clean air flow, but will produce a force (lift) to pull the vehicle upward, which will produce a pull in the direction opposite to the travel direction.

This is because the air flowing from the top, bottom, left and right gather at the rear end of the body at different speeds and angles and produce vortices.

The rear spoiler can restrain the generation of the air vortex and make it flow smoothly backward, which helps to improve driving stability and fuel efficiency, and improve the driving quality of the vehicle.

What does the rear spoiler look like?

Depending on the installation position, there are many ways to call, such as the tailgate spoiler installed on the top of the rear end of the body, the rear spoiler installed on the rear wing and the rear lower spoiler installed on the bottom of the rear bumper.

In addition, some have fin like protrusions and some have duck tongues to correct the air flowing above and below the car.

The rear spoiler for rectification is usually equipped with diffuser at the same time. In the lower part of the car, there are many pipes and fuel tanks, especially many obstacles to the air flow. The air flow can be significantly improved by installing the rear under the spoiler and diffuser.

When the car is running, the air resistance is the greatest. The speed of air flowing to the rear is stable, and the generation of eddy current behind the body is restrained, which greatly affects the performance of the car.

The rear spoiler is a very practical device, which can keep the air flowing from all directions clean, easy to drive and improve fuel efficiency. It's not only cool, but also works well.