Composition structure of power battery

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1. Battery unit: the smallest unit constituting the power battery;

2. Battery module: composed of several battery cells welded together in parallel;

3. Battery unit: composed of several battery cells or battery packs connected in series;

4. CSC acquisition system: there is a CSC information acquisition system inside each battery cell to monitor the voltage, temperature and other information of each battery cell or battery pack;

5. Control unit: the battery control unit (BMU) is installed inside the power battery to report the voltage, current, temperature and other information of the battery to the vehicle controller (VCU) and complete the control of the power battery according to the instructions of VCU;

6. Battery high-voltage distribution unit: installed at the positive and negative output terminals of the power battery assembly, which is composed of high-voltage positive relay, high-voltage negative relay, precharge relay, current sensor and precharge resistance;

7. Cooling system: heat the power battery to make it in the best working state.